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November 19, 2013Renaissance Wedding Venue, Kingston OntarioPosted in Weddings

Good Morning beauties,

Let’s see, what have we been up to lately…? Well, our home was recently featured in Kingston Life Interiors. Our living room even made the cover! It’s a strange thing to be at a newsstand and find yourself looking into your own home. Strange good, because someone thought highly enough of the choices we made to publish them in a magazine. There is also a very nice article that touches on some of the ways we approach interior design and discloses some of our favorite places to hunt for treasures. Here is a link an online copy just in case you’re curious: Winding Violets in Kingston Life Interiors.

Having said all that, we wouldn’t want to have you miss the main event. So, maybe come back to that link after you peruse this stunning wedding shot right here in historic Kingston Ontario. Whitney and Gavin’s wedding was absolutely classic. A classic tux on him and an elegant lace gown for her.

Renaissance Wedding Venue , snuggled right into the heart of downtown Kingston, was a perfect choice for an intimate evening lit mostly by warm candle light and ballroom chandeliers. I love the way both of these elements came together in their first dance photographs. If you are looking into Kingston wedding venues, perhaps this one is for you?

We always like to match our photo locations with the couples aesthetic. We found a beautiful old mansion to really enhance the couples classic choices and to elevate the aesthetic they were going for. Making editorial choices like these is the thing I love most about my what I do. And the results usually surprise and delight our couples.

I hope you enjoy this stunning classic wedding. We even did a little off roading with the couple, to add some contrast to our previously mentioned aesthetic choices. We love to mix it up a bit.

Bon Appétit,


The Violets

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Renaissance Wedding Venue, Kingston Ontario | November 19, 2013