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July 9, 2013Blueprint Downtown Kingston BoutiquesPosted in Engagement

Happy Tuesday,

I think we can all agree that having a sense of individuality – the feeling that you are unique and special – is very important to each and everyone of us. How each person expresses that individuality can differ from one person to the next. Some people use music, others athletics. Your vocation can be a contributing factor to your individuality, the car you drive, even the television shows you watch. In fact, most of the choices you make are reaffirming who you see yourself to be.

Have you ever found yourself shopping in a mall, department store, or big box store and just felt that everything was blending together? That there was a lack of individuality, even amongst the clothing! Well that’s exactly why boutique shops exist. These shops are opened by people who are looking to offer people, like yourself, alternatives to mainstream commercial options.

So what is a boutique anyway and what is the benefit of boutique shopping? Boutiques are independently run, or one of a kind shops. Which translates into unique clothing you’re not likely to see anywhere else. It’s sort of like these “indie bands” you’ve been hearing all about. Except instead of unique music, we are taking about clothing in this case. Basically, wearing boutique clothing is the equivalent of having Arcade Fire on your back. Wait…did I just compare wearing boutique clothing to giving 6 people a piggy back all at once? I can assure you it’s much more comfortable than that.

If fashion, style, and clothing is a means of self expression for you, perhaps boutique shopping is for you? We certainly encourage our couples to go out and find unique clothes for their engagement sessions. And that means shopping indie.

Photography is a visual medium – as if you hadn’t noticed. As such, we want to see you express your individuality through your clothing choices in your engagement photographs. Courtney and Mike, the couple below, are outfitted entirely from Blueprint. Blueprint is a great boutique nestled into the heart of our downtown here in Kingston. It’s the perfect shop to hit up, if you are thinking about having your engagement photos taken soon. Or if you just want something special to wear – to help your express your individuality.

A big thank you goes out to Cyndy Gibson & Kayla Fearon, from Blueprint, for collaborating with us on this shoot. And for contributing such amazingly stylish shops and clothing to the people of Kingston – Yes! Jazlyn Stoness definitely deserves a shout out for her exceptional make-up artistry skills. And most of all congratulations to Courtney and Mike on their engagement. I have really enjoyed getting to know you both. You look so goregous in your engagement photographs, I can’t wait till the wedding.

Bon Appétit,

Lucas, Winding Violets


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Blueprint Downtown Kingston Boutiques

* For some added fun, see if you can spot the 3 photographs that were taken on film. They’ll have a slightly different look to them. Let us know if you can spot the difference in the comment section.






Marielle Hayes These are perfection. I am amazed at every.single.photo from this session (and ALL of your sessions!) {July 21, 2013, 02:00am}
TheViolets What a beautiful thing to say. Thank you Marielle, your words are always appreciated. {July 21, 2013, 11:33am}

Blueprint Downtown Kingston Boutiques | July 9, 2013