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August 16, 2013The Upper Rust | Boutique Shopping in the East VillagePosted in Let Them Eat Cake


I think it goes without saying that our house is pretty big on New York City. Whether it’s walking over the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, strolling through the Park in the morning, boutiquing in the West Village, record shopping in Williamsburg, or grabbing some delicious perogies from Veselka, we can’t get enough of it.

One evening we were strolling through the East Village after grabbing a drink at The Niagara. I spotted a little shop, whose exterior could only be described as a cleverly contrived tableaux of found objects –  a curiosity shop essentially. Melissa hadn’t quite spotted what was soon to become her favourite shop in Manhattan, when I gave her a little nudge in it’s direction and knowingly levelled my rhetorical gesture, “do you think you’d like to stop in there?”

“WOULD I !?”

I’m not sure I have seen Melissa’s face light up like that ever before, not even on our wedding day, or when I proposed in Bryant Park under an enormous Christmas Tree. And that’s saying something, those trees burn with the light of a thousand suns. Needless to say, it was love at first sight between Melissa and The Upper Rust.

We came home with a little tarnished crown, something she had been wanting for years. Bringing something home from The Upper Rust every time we visit The City has become a little tradition for us – the best of boutique shopping in the East Village. Incidentally the American Flag I’m holding on the Brooklyn Bridge is from this very same shop – more on the history of that below. It was the 4th of July weekend and we thought it a fitting memento.

We hope you enjoy the photos from our stolen weekend in NYC. I think your are going to love the little peek into The Upper Rust, and the lovely artefacts therein. It’s a bit like a treasure hunt every time you visit. For example, check out the antique French skeleton key from Paris we spotted. You really must visit the boutique for yourselves, and spot your own treasures. All images were captured on that mystical substance known as film, and are all the more beautiful for it.

Bon Appetit,

The Violets

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*What’s with the circle of stars? The Betsy Ross flag is supposed to have been commissioned by George Washington in 1776. The circling stars are said to represent equality amongst the 13 states at the time. Vexillologists – an exciting new word to pull out in conversation – debate the veracity of the Betsy Ross, George Washington legend. Oh!, “what’s Vexillology, you ask?” The scientific study of flags and symbols as they relate to history. Eat your heart out Robert Langdon, “symbolist” extraordinaire.



The Upper Rust | Boutique Shopping in the East Village | August 16, 2013