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September 18, 2013Rustic Wedding | Scott’s Barn, Cobourg OntarioPosted in Weddings

Hello Everyone!

“Busy” is the unequivocal descriptor of contemporary life. If you are busy, you are succeeding at life . . . full stop. Space and time are frontiers to be filled and conquered. At least that is what we are constantly reassuring ourselves and others of.

Virginia Woolf has this great little book entitled “A Room of One’s Own.” She argues that without “A room of one’s own” a woman could not possibly create meaningful fiction. What if we took Virginia’s idea a little less literally? And we said, without space and time, a person can not create meaningful works of art. What if we went one step even further and said that, YOU are that work of art. Then it would necessarily follow that, without “room” for personal growth and reflection, you yourself will feel incomplete.

Do you ever find yourself feeling that you aren’t living up to your full potential, that you are incomplete? If you feel that way then this Rebecca Solnit quote is something you should hold closely to your heart:

“The Self is also a creation, the principal work of your life, the crafting of which makes everyone an artist. This unfinished work of becoming ends only when you do, if then, and the consequences live on”  – Rebecca Solnit, The Faraway Nearby

What I find so beautiful about this is the idea that we are “unfinished” and that is something we have to make peace with. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you should settle into complacency, that’s not what I mean by making peace. Rather, I see this sense of incompletion – something we all feel – as a call to add to ourselves in a meaningful way every day. This should be an insatiable drive in everyone of us. Being “busy” can distract us from this inner call, and dilute that hunger. Being busy, can drown out this amazing part of what it means to be human.

Don’t be busy, be present.

Make some space and time in your day or week to work on the beautiful masterpiece that you know you can become.



If I could apply one descriptor to Miles and Jason on their wedding day it would be “present.” These are two guys that soaked up every moment of their rustic wedding day, and surrounded themselves with,  “an amazing constellation of people” (Miles’s words) who were right there with them. No surprises here, Miles is a Life Coach. His vocation is to help people with “the principle work of [their] life,” the creation of self. I hope you all enjoy the photographs of this beautiful rustic wedding at Scott’s Barn, Cobourg Ontario. And I hope to be present at many more weddings filled with so much love and heart.

Bon Appétit,

The Violets


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Natalie Where is this? This is exactly the kind of venue I'm looking for! {August 25, 2014, 03:51pm}
Angela O'Heir I keep finding photos of this venue and have been looking everywhere online under "scotts barn" but have yet to get any information to know if its actual venue, where the location is, contacts and or the pricing. Any help would be great. {July 17, 2015, 11:11am}
Jr The barn is in Cobourg Ontario. Or more so grafton, Ontario. It's called Scott's barn from being on Scott road {September 02, 2016, 03:00am}

Rustic Wedding | Scott’s Barn, Cobourg Ontario | September 18, 2013

September 5, 2013Maria & George | Downtown Kingston, engagement session.Posted in Engagement

Good Morning to you,

Well, it appears autumn is upon us yet again. And in the waning summer days I’m reminded of all the great things Melissa and I did this summer. We travelled to New York and Rhode Island; I learned to sail and she learned to row; we read some awesome books that have really changed the way we see the world and all of you lovely people out there in it. The summer also brought low times with it as well. A dear friend of our’s lost his younger brother, an awesome individual who touched many lives and left behind a legacy of love and exuberance – a life lived well.

As the season’s shift we tend to turn our attention more inward. Social events are less frequent, we are less likely to spend time outdoors, travelling is kept to a minimum, and our lives become smaller. Autumn is a time of reflection. This autumn I’m going to be focusing on one question: am I living my life with purpose? More often than not, life is something that happens to us. We are passive agents reacting to the events of the day, rather active individuals shaping the events of our day with purpose.

I started a new book last night, and the author wrote the most profound thing, “I’m convinced that most people talk themselves out of first place finishes.” These are the words of an Olympic Gold Medalist, this is someone that is intimately acquainted with winning. Buddy Melges, the author goes on to explain that people always look to external factors to explain their lack of success. Buddy argues that, “the real reason [people] are continually disappointed  is that they are not mentally prepared to win.” They talk themselves out of first place finishes before they even begin.

Living with purpose requires preparation, courage, and discipline. The hardest part of all is having courage enough to believe you can win. The external factors of your life shouldn’t define you or determine your direction. How you see yourself should define your purpose. If you can live like that, from the inside out I mean, that is a victory in my book.

From what I have learned during my time spent with Maria and George, these are excellent ambassadors for living a purpose driven life…I hope Rick Warren isn’t too miffed that I borrowed his phrase. These are people that happen to life, rather than letting life happen to them. Both are on track to become lawyers, one a class action litigator and the other a corporate attorney – when worlds collide, am I right? We hope you enjoy the photos from their 5th anniversary shoot, and we hope you take our hopeful autumn message to heart.

Bon Appétit,

The Violets


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Maria & George | Downtown Kingston, engagement session. | September 5, 2013