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March 17, 2015Engagement Ring Event | Lovebird BridalPosted in Engagement,Events,Let Them Eat Cake,Weddings

Good Morning lovelies,

Guess what time of year it is? It’s time for our third annual Engagement Ring Event at Lovebird Bridal Boutique. If you are recently engaged, come down and have your engagement ring photographed compliments of Winding Violets and Lovebird Bridal Boutique. If you know someone who is engaged, please pass this link along to them. I am certain they will thank your for it!

Every year has been a great success, and a lot of fun. We invite you to come down and enjoy Michelle Pilon’s beautiful wedding boutique, and have your ring stylistically photographed by Kingston’s only Fine Art Wedding Photographers, Winding Violets as you browse.

Here are the deets:

Who? | Winding Violets and Lovebird Bridal Boutique have teamed up to host a spectacular event.

What? | Have your engagement ring stylistically photographed, compliments of Winding Violets and Lovebird Bridal Boutique.

Why? |  You get a beautiful image of your engagement ring absolutely free!  The question should be, “Why not?!

Where? | Lovebird Bridal Boutique, 172 Ontario Street, Downtown Kingston.

When? |  From 10am – 3pm, on Saturday, March 21st 2015.

How? | Saturday we will be photographing engagement rings from 10am – 3pm. You will receive a complimentary digital download of your photograph, via email, on the following Monday!


Kingston Wedding Photographers, Winding Violets, 3rd Annual Engagement Ring Event.


A few fun facts about engagement rings: 

Did you know that engagement rings date back as far as ancient Egypt?

The engagement ring is placed on the left hand, and on the finger nearest the pinky, because it was believed in Roman times that that finger contained a vein that led to your heart. That vein was called, “vena amoris,” or vein of love.

During Victorian times, know for it’s sentimentality, it was not uncommon for rings to be fashioned from your beloved’s hair…umm, I think I’ll stick with the gold thank you very much ;)

The most popular cut to date, according to Tiffany’s, is the Brilliant. This cut emphasizes the sparkle, and radiance, of  your diamond. Hence the name: the Brilliant Cut.

Do you know the four “Cs”? Cut,  Carat, Colour, and Clarity.

See you this Saturday, March 21st (between 10am -3pm) at Lovebird Bridal Boutique


Engagement Ring Event | Lovebird Bridal | March 17, 2015

March 19, 2013Lovebird Bridal Boutique | Wedding Dress Shops in Kingston, OntarioPosted in Events,Weddings

Bonjour mon ami,

And happy Tuesday. Spring is in the air, even though there is 6 inches of snow on the ground. And you know what that means…another wedding season is upon us. This year we are starting the season off with something special. As many of you may already know, a new wedding dress shop opened up in the neighbourhood. Michelle Pilon is the owner of a stunning little wedding dress boutique in downtown, Kingston. Yep you guessed it, Lovebird Bridal Boutique. Winding Violets and Lovebird Bridal Boutique are teaming up for the first time ever. On Saturday March 23rd, meet us down at Lovebird to receive a beautiful photograph of your engagement ring to show off on Facebook – compliments of Winding Violets and Lovebird. This is our way of welcoming Michelle to the neighborhood, so please show your support and come on down. Even if he hasn’t “put a ring on it.”



In the meantime here are a few bridal portraits that we made in Lovebird Bridal Boutique last week. These photos show case a few of the dresses Michelle currently carries, but there are many more to try on I assure you.  A big thanks to our model Sarah Trottier. This shoot was initally intended as a “screen test” for an upcoming editorial we are styling and shooting. But the photographs turned out too nicely not to share. Hope you enjoy. We’ll see you on Saturday, March 23rd at Lovebird Bridal Boutique – 172 Ontario Street. We’ll be shooting from 10am – 4pm.

Bon Appétit,

The Violets


Lovebird Bridal Boutique One

Lovebird Bridal Boutique Two

Lovebird Bridal Boutique Three

Lovebird Bridal Boutique Four

Lovebird Bridal SixLovebird Bridal Boutique Five

Lovebird Bridal Eight

Lovebird Bridal Boutique Seven

Lovebird Bridal Boutique | Wedding Dress Shops in Kingston, Ontario | March 19, 2013

March 30, 2012The Spring Wedding Show at The Drake Hotel | The Wedding Co. | Toronto Wedding PhotographersPosted in Engagement,Events,Weddings

Good Morning Everyone,

Boy, this is an early post for me to be writing…7:30am! Don’t fret, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this “rise and shine” post. Melissa and I are minutes away from leaving for NYC, yes again. Before we leave though, we just wanted to take a minute to share a little bit about The Wedding Co.’s Spring Wedding Show.


The Wedding Co. is hosting a very special Wedding Show at the Drake Hotel in Toronto. The Drake show is perfect for brides and grooms who want to add some unique and creative flair to their wedding day. Last year, during our visit to the Spring Wedding Show, we  chatted with a girl who rented eclectic pieces of china, another who made felted animal cake toppers (sooooo cute!), and a shabby chic florist.

The event is headed up by the lovely Catherine Lash, owner, operator, and inventor of The Wedding Co.. Catherine has a terrific imagination, she is professional, a lovely person to chat with, and is a driving force behind Toronto wedding culture. And this year, she invited yours truly to be a part of  the Spring Wedding Show! The Spring Wedding Show showcases many talented vendors, and we are so happy to be counted among them. As a bonus, Winding Violets is contributing a gift certificate for one lucky couple! Just click on the “Featured on the Wedding Co.” badge to read more about our gift certificate and the “Spring Wedding Show” badge to read more about this truly unique Wedding Show. We hope to see you there…off to New York City!

Bon Appétit,

The Violets


Kingston Wedding Photographers, Toronto Wedding Photographers, Kingston Wedding Photography, Fine Art Wedding Photographers in Kingston,  Fine Art Wedding Photographers in Toronto, Editorial Wedding Photographers in Kingston, Editorial Photographers in Toronto.


The Spring Wedding Show at The Drake Hotel | The Wedding Co. | Toronto Wedding Photographers | March 30, 2012

February 20, 2011Krista’s Wedding Shower, Sydenham OntarioPosted in Events


As many of you may know, we are off to photograph a wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland in just seven short days! We are extremely excited to make our first leap over the pond, and what makes it better, we get to do it with a terrific couple. Here’s a little peek at the festivities from the Krista’s shower, which was held in her sister’s beautiful home this afternoon.  The shower was a tea party theme, replete with cream puffs, chocolate dipped strawberries, and finger sandwiches. Krista, cake designer extraordinaire that she is, was sure to contribute a beautiful eye popping and delicious cake of her own…yum!

Bon Appétit,

The Violets


Cake’s By Krista

Nancy Wood Krista looks so happy in photos. Looking forward to seeing photos of Scottland. Please let me know when they will be posted. Looking every day Nancy Wood {February 28, 2011, 07:26pm}
Nancy Wood I am Krista's aunt and live in California. Wondering if you have any photos of her wedding in Scottland. {March 12, 2011, 11:05pm}
TheViolets Hi Nancy! Thanks for checking back on the blog! Typically wedding photos take us a few months to cull, edit and blog. As this is our slow season, we have Krista & John's wedding on fast track. You can expect to see some of images within the next few weeks. Stay tuned; you won't be disappointed! {March 13, 2011, 05:28pm}
krista veryzer Yes, Nancy, I was very very happy as you can see in my awkward expressions.. {March 18, 2011, 07:03pm}

Krista’s Wedding Shower, Sydenham Ontario | February 20, 2011

April 13, 2010The Rotary Club Fundraiser for Spina Bifida | Fashion ShowPosted in Events

Melissa and I we’re extremely excited to take part in this event and we’re more than flattered when Alix Cronk of Fancy That approached us to document this event.

Dr. Dan Poenaru, formerly a surgeon in Canada, holds a PhD in Paediatrics and is putting it too tremendous use. Dr. Poenaru has taken his practice and expertise to Kenya operating on young Kenyan children born with Spina Bifida. Spina Bifida is commonly caused by a deficiency in folic acid during pregnancy. There are four different types of Spina Bifida, generally speaking this condition is a deformity in spinal development: a failure of the spine to fuse completely. Spina Bifida effects the child’s mobility and  causes a large fluid filled sac to appear on the child’s back. Dr. Poenaru manages Bethany Kids Hospital in Kijabe and preforms surgeries at over 15 clinics throughout Kenya; he is doing his best to correct as many cases as he can, but funding is always needed and appreciated.

The Rotary Club of Cataroqui Kingston, with the support of Fancy That, The Roundstone, Felicity & Fritz and many other local business, sponsored a fashion show/fund raiser to help support Dr. Poenaru’s efforts in Kenya. The Night when off without a hitch!  $10,ooo was raised for the cause through dinner and the silent auction. Many small business owners stepped-up donating a plethora of terrific auction items, go Kingston!

– The Violets


Fancy That

The Roundstone

Felicity & Fritz

Alix Cronk Beautiful Lucas!!! I love love love them!!! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us out!! {April 13, 2010, 09:21pm}
Jill Kilgour Oh man, so many smiles! You did a fantastic job of capturing the fun element at this event. Makes me smile just looking at them! {April 16, 2010, 07:11am}
TheViolets Thanks ladies : ) It was a supremely enjoyable night all around. Smiles abounded, caution was tossed to the wind, and this is the result: Great photos of people having fun. {April 16, 2010, 10:38am}

The Rotary Club Fundraiser for Spina Bifida | Fashion Show | April 13, 2010