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March 17, 2015Engagement Ring Event | Lovebird BridalPosted in Engagement,Events,Let Them Eat Cake,Weddings

Good Morning lovelies,

Guess what time of year it is? It’s time for our third annual Engagement Ring Event at Lovebird Bridal Boutique. If you are recently engaged, come down and have your engagement ring photographed compliments of Winding Violets and Lovebird Bridal Boutique. If you know someone who is engaged, please pass this link along to them. I am certain they will thank your for it!

Every year has been a great success, and a lot of fun. We invite you to come down and enjoy Michelle Pilon’s beautiful wedding boutique, and have your ring stylistically photographed by Kingston’s only Fine Art Wedding Photographers, Winding Violets as you browse.

Here are the deets:

Who? | Winding Violets and Lovebird Bridal Boutique have teamed up to host a spectacular event.

What? | Have your engagement ring stylistically photographed, compliments of Winding Violets and Lovebird Bridal Boutique.

Why? |  You get a beautiful image of your engagement ring absolutely free!  The question should be, “Why not?!

Where? | Lovebird Bridal Boutique, 172 Ontario Street, Downtown Kingston.

When? |  From 10am – 3pm, on Saturday, March 21st 2015.

How? | Saturday we will be photographing engagement rings from 10am – 3pm. You will receive a complimentary digital download of your photograph, via email, on the following Monday!


Kingston Wedding Photographers, Winding Violets, 3rd Annual Engagement Ring Event.


A few fun facts about engagement rings: 

Did you know that engagement rings date back as far as ancient Egypt?

The engagement ring is placed on the left hand, and on the finger nearest the pinky, because it was believed in Roman times that that finger contained a vein that led to your heart. That vein was called, “vena amoris,” or vein of love.

During Victorian times, know for it’s sentimentality, it was not uncommon for rings to be fashioned from your beloved’s hair…umm, I think I’ll stick with the gold thank you very much ;)

The most popular cut to date, according to Tiffany’s, is the Brilliant. This cut emphasizes the sparkle, and radiance, of  your diamond. Hence the name: the Brilliant Cut.

Do you know the four “Cs”? Cut,  Carat, Colour, and Clarity.

See you this Saturday, March 21st (between 10am -3pm) at Lovebird Bridal Boutique


Engagement Ring Event | Lovebird Bridal | March 17, 2015